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We are a company which specializes in the production of deep-frozen bread and bakery products. For more than 10 years now, we are able to respond to the ever changing market and in the same time to present our customers with a superior product with first class quality from natural ingredients and manufactured according to tradition.

We offer a wide range of bakery products: Kaiser rolls, bread rolls, bread buns, ciabattas, baguettes, bread, specialty bread for catering, hotels, retail stores and more.

About us
Хебър ЕАД - производител на хляб и хлебни изделия, дълбоко замразени

Why choose our frozen bread (rolls) products?


Guaranteed traditional taste

The production of all our deep-frozen products is based on tried and tested traditional recipes made with specially selected high-quality ingredients utilizing modern technologies.

Only natural ingredients

Carefully selected ingredients are used in our state of the art production facilities to ensure that first-class taste as the breads of old.

Quality control

We constantly monitor the quality of our bakery products to make sure that our customers receive the best for their store, hotel, cafe, organized event, etc.

Product Diversity

We offer a wide range of deep-frozen bread and bread products of different weights: earth kizzer, bread, small breads, baguettes, chabata and other special breads, according to customer preferences

Flexible production practices

One of our main objectives is to be flexible in regards to our assortment. We always strive to meet the specific requirements of every individual customer, that is why we offer the possibility to manufacture custom made products based on the clients market segment and taste.

A high production capacity

Every single day we deliver our deep-frozen bread products to more than 9000 shops in the country and abroad. Our production capacity is the heart of our business, that is why we constantly strive to optimize our production and to bring the newest machines and know how to bear in our facilities.

What products can we offer you?


Kaiser Rolls

Kaiser rolls made by traditional recipes from a variety of ingredients.



Baguettes prepared of one of the finest structured dough available on the market.



Breads with compelling home-made taste – crispy crust and soft structure.



Special breads produced by flours and mixes chosen by our clients.

Recommended products:


Frequently asked questions

  • What is the standard delivery period for placed orders?

    It varies. The time frame for delivery of produced goods is negotiated with the client before the first delivery. When determining delivery periods, we take several key factors into account, such as how far is the destination and how many types of transport does the cargo require to get there. Finally, a mutually exceptive time period is fixed for all other deliveries to come.

  • What is the minimum order quantity?

    It depends on the needs and location of your Business – from several boxes for the smaller shops to several trucks of frozen products to the bigger distributors or retail chains. The minimum quantity varies given the requested products.

  • Can custom made products be ordered based on an individual request?

    Yes. We strive to be as flexible as possible when it comes to supporting our partners. When it comes to the production based on an individual request for specific products, we go at great lengths to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and support. We have a vast experience in many markets and we do not shy from using this experience to the advantage of our partner. We can offer a great many varieties of recipes and products based on the customers taste preference and budget.

  • How can I become a distributor?

    Regarding this field, we require future partners to get in touch with us via e-mail and five us briefly their, origin and general idea for cooperation. Furthermore, we will proceeded with a meeting if possible, to discuss details and responsibilities regarding any future business relations.


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