• Our vision is to combine traditional bakery methods with the modern techniques of production and at the end offer a real and authentic taste in each and every product. We see ourselves as the link between tradition and innovation. These values for us are the foundation of every single product and new project.
  • We firmly believe that the key to success lies in communicating and maintaining excellent relationships with all our partners and customers, no matter how small or large their needs are. Together we are stronger!
  • We live in an ever-changing environment. Due to this fact, the manifestation of maximum flexibility in each segment of our production is one of the driving forces in our development.
The most important asset that ‘’Hebar’’ possesses at its disposal is its dedicated team of professionals.

We are paying special attention to the needs of our employees. As evidence of its relationship with its employees ‘’Hebar’’ can proudly state that it passed with ‘’flying colors’’ the standard for social responsibility, ‘SMETA’, certifying and guaranteeing the correct pay, good relationship and rights of the people working for us, regardless of their gender, age or religion. However, we do not limit our efforts with such certification. We encourage our employees to be as creative as possible we constantly provide them with means to increase their abilities be it seminars, specialist training or just something as simple as a gym membership. We consider that this purity and transparency in the relationship with our employees is what gives us the necessary advantage and ensures that every loaf of bread is made with love and desire.

Our commitment for continuous improvement of the production practices and processes does not end there.

A large part of Hebar’s investments is aimed at optimizing our energy consumption. Recognizing the threat that Global Warming poses to all of us, we strive to reduce our emissions and carbon footprint as much as possible. Realizing that every single contribution to the preservation of nature is crucial. We believe that each of our projects should have a positive impact on people and the environment in which they work and live.