• The vision of “Hebar” SOJSC is to build a bridge between tradition and innovation, combining traditional baking with modern techniques. In this way, we want to incorporate authentic taste into each of our products. These values are the foundation, which supports every aspect of our work.
  • We believe that the key to success lies in maintaining excellent communication and relationships with all our partners and customers – no matter how small or large their needs. Because together we are stronger!
  • We live in dynamic, ever-changing times. Therefore, achieving maximum flexibility in every unit of production is one of the driving forces of our development.
The most important asset that “Hebar” SOJSC has is our human resources.

We try to take special care of the people working in our enterprises. Our efforts are supported by earning the social responsibility standard ‘SMETA’, certifying and guaranteeing correct pay, treatment and rights of our employees – regardless of their gender, age or religion. The dependability and transparency in the relationship with our employees give us the necessary competitive advantage and guarantee that each bread is made with love and responsibility.

The quest for continuous improvement of production practices and processes does not stop there.

A large part of the investments that “Hebar” makes are aimed at optimizing our energy consumption. Aware of the threat that our changing climate poses, we strive to limit our carbon footprint as much as possible, because every contribution to preserving nature is crucial. We believe that our projects should have a positive impact on people and the environment in which they work and live.