Our values

Production of high-quality products
Authentic flavors of our products
Love for the work we do
Care for our employees
Responsible and sustainable position towards nature
Always fresh

High quality products with authentic taste

  • Drawing on experience and inspiration from the past, the main goal of ‘’Hebar’’ in creating each product is that it is composed only of natural ingredients such as: flour, water, salt, leavens, without preservatives, E-numbers or improvers. We comply with all legal standards for quality and safety, with a constant strive to exceed them at every step, with the clear goal of providing our customers with a truly natural and healthy product.

For all our types of bread we use only carefully selected natural raw materials and the so-called traditional production techniques that come from “grandma’s” kitchen. To ensure the constant heigh quality of the grain and flour, we work only with the best and most reliable mills. They meet specific requirements and are usually located in close proximity to our companies, allowing us to carry out even greater quality control. We uncompromisingly one of our fundamental production practices, the all-raw materials and ingredients used are NOT genetically modified. Strict and regular tracking of each and every batch of flour, seeds and other raw materials is an absolute priority and is performed in our own and also outsourced laboratories, ensuring the constant quality of our products.

  • In an effort to ensure the freshness and constant quality of our products, dozens of suppliers start work early in the morning every day to make thousands of deliveries on their pre-planned routes, regardless of weather conditions, 365 days a year. Our logistics department not only delivers products in Bulgaria, but also abroad. Always delivering in the shortest possible terms it is not also uncommon for us to execute express deliveries should the customer requires it.
  • The national logistic service we provide also ensures strict control on the quality of the products, should any irregularities or issues be found we know as soon as they appear. Giving us ample time to react and provide maximum support for our clients.

We love our Work

We never stay in one place!

We never stand still! Our team of technologists is constantly experimenting with different ingredients and innovative technologies in creating new products. They understand that every single bread we produce should be associated by our customers with pleasure in consumption and the desire to be shared. The working day of our technologists does not start or end in the laboratory, only mixing different types of ingredients, on the contrary. They are constantly with their ear to the ground, sensing the changes in our eating habits, watching what our customers are looking for and what is trending. They regularly attend our meetings with clients, and are in constant cooperation and conversations with our sales teams. They often go on a “food safari” in a foreign city or country to get to know our customers and markets better, as well as their specific taste and style.

Hebar is a B2B company. We monitor and analyze consumer behavior and trends in order to best support the needs of our partners. Creating and maintaining a sustainable relationship with our partners is an absolute priority for us, constantly striving to work closely with them, with the idea of creating new products or looking for ways to improve existing ones. Every single voice matters to us!

We work hand in hand with our suppliers of raw material to establish the best possible methods of sustainable development when we are procuring raw materials. We believe that the materials we use must be manufactured or procured according to certain principles, with the leading one being: That the meeting of our needs in the present, does not jeopardize the ability of future generations to meet their demands. That's why we, like all our suppliers, are RSPO certified to ensure sustainable development.

The main goal of each product of ours is its recipe to be as simple as possible, but at the same time the product to have a distinctive and well-balanced taste. With the clear goal of providing natural and healthy products, we have the shortest ingredients lists. Also, 80% of our products have are produced in line with our ‘’Clean Label’’ initiative, which means no emulsifiers, no trans fats, no preservatives and no E-number.

We the clear mission to provide some of the healthiest products on the market, we have taken steps together with our largest partners to limit the amounts of salt and sugar in our products. We manage to achieve this through the setting of specific goals and limits on the use of the above-mentioned ingredients. In the “frozen products” category, our portfolio now contains 20% less salt and sugar. Aware of the fact that all people are different and some choose to be vegetarians or vegans, while others are looking for products with enhanced nutritional values, we strive to satisfy every difference, and we think everyone deserves to experience the true taste of bread!

Our Environment

We aim our packaging to guarantee sever factors, first and foremost safety, as well as freshness and user-friendliness, while in the same time we strive to minimize our waste.

Several key factors

Our carton boxes represent 60% of our main way of packaging products. We also use plastic packaging and containers, which are responsible for 35% of the rest of the packaging and 5% paper packaging.


97 % from the composition of our cardboard boxes is completely recyclable


92% from the composition of our plastic packaging and containers are completely recyclable.


98% from the composition of our paper packaging is completely recyclable.