The company "Hebar" SOJSC was founded in 2004. Its main activity is the production of bread and bakery products.

  • Initially, the focus was on the production and distribution of fresh bakery products for Plovdiv and the region. In 2008, the company gradually began to expand its portfolio, producing and exporting frozen pastry products.
  • Today our products are known both in Bulgaria and in the European Union for their high quality. Our success is due to our in-depth knowledge of the fundamental principles and our craftsmanship in bread production, which we combine with the latest technological solutions in the production process.

Our portfolio includes both fresh and frozen products, which we produce from the highest quality wheat and cereals that Bulgaria offers.

The high quality of the raw materials is guaranteed by our own laboratories, which test each batch for compliance with our predetermined quality standards. This in turn ensures an irresistible crispy crust, a unique taste and consistency in the quality of our products.

For 2020, “Hebar” set itself a challenging goal: to earn a “Clean label” for over 80% of our products. This means that they are produced using natural ingredients, as well as rye and wheat starters grown by us. These products do NOT contain: emulsifiers, stabilizers or preservatives. This goal was not only successfully achieved, but surpassed.

We at “Hebar” strive to constantly expand our product portfolio in order to satisfy even the most sophisticated and demanding customer tastes. The most vivid example resulting from our efforts in the past few years are the product lines “Special Breads” and “Jivena”. They are produced from 100% natural ingredients, such as rye, spelt and whole-grain flour.

The wide range of products that “Hebar” offers includes bread, baguettes, bread rolls, cozonac, ciabatta, viennoiseries for the hotel and restaurant sector and many other artisanal and handmade items. Each recipe is developed according to the taste of our customers, which we have studied and catered to for over 15 years.

“Hebar” is a supplier of the highest quality products for hypermarkets and supermarkets, hotels and restaurants, gas stations, catering companies, as well as for retail customers and company stores.


Our mission is vividly embodied both in our products and in the company’s motto: “The Preferred Bread”. Every day we come to work with the desire not just to meet, but to exceed the expectations of our customers – both in Bulgaria and abroad. With curiosity and attention, we study the evolution in the preferences and food culture of our society, as well as the growing need for healthy products with balanced nutritional values and authentic taste. On this basis, we continuously develop our wide range of high-quality products, introduce innovations and improve production practices.