Why should you join our team?

Since 1995 we specialize in the production of high-quality bakery products. The daily dedication and enthusiasm of our colleagues allowed us to become a leader in the bakery industry in Bulgaria. Our company is focused on innovation and flexibility in all stages of production. At the same time, we have not lost our passion for bread and remain highly motivated. ‘’Hebar’’ offers avenues for development for both experienced professionals as well as young people who are looking to hone their skills and perfect the craft of bread making.

We urge you to apply today and join our team! We invite you to get acquainted with the currently available job offers.
Currently, job applications are limited to Plovdiv district. Coming soon in other regions.

We can offer:

  • Employment contract with full insurances
  • Regular and secure payment
  • Incentive bonuses
  • Correctness in labor relations
  • Period of introductory training
  • Opportunity for professional development

Available positions

There are currently no vacancies