Food Safety

We at ‘’Hebar’’ have implemented and maintain high standards for food quality and food safety management, in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 22000, IFS Food, FSSC 22000. They are a guarantee of quality and food safety for all our bread and bakery products.

The maintenance of these high standards of food quality and food safety, in our company is regularly inspected by auditing organizations and our clients. Customer audits are always unplanned and their results show the ability of our factories to maintain a constant and secure environment during all technological stages of production.

Procurement of ingredients and raw materials

The proper selection of the necessary ingredients for production is a responsible process. Our suppliers are evaluated in advance according to certain criteria for their ability to provide high-quality and also safe for consumption raw materials. When a delivery of raw materials is made to us and before any ingredients have entered our production chain their conformity is being monitored and compared to our pre-set specifications for them.

We follow strict delivery and audit processes and procedures to ensure that we have managed to select safe and high-quality raw materials that we need. This includes setting certain specifications for the raw materials we use and carrying out inspections within the production facilities of our suppliers to ensure that they always meet the necessary regulations and our expectations only in this way we can guarantee to our customers the final product will be something special and unique.


We have introduced specifically certified production practices for cleaning and sanitation at every stage of the production process. Every new employee immediately after joining us undergoes rigorous initial training in relation with the already established sanitation practices ensuring the safety of the food that is being produced. The staff is well trained and highly qualified for the production of high-quality products in strict compliance with hygienic, technological and regulatory requirements.

  • Specific protective clothing: our employees wear specific trousers and tunics, shoes, hair nets, gloves and face masks.
  • Hand disinfection: Provided by the frequently of washing, furthermore a great number of dispensers with hydroalcoholic gels are placed at every entrance and exit of our factories.
  • Hygiene of our factories: as part of the cleaning process, we use appropriate detergents and disinfectants to ensure that production areas and facilities are clean and safe. With regular daily inspections of our staff.
  • Work with ingredients and technological equipment can only commence once they meet pre-determined hygiene standards.


Our recipes and production process parameters are strictly formulated and validated to ensure a steady and flawless production with the aim of having a superb and safe product, at the end of every cycle. We are constantly developing and tweaking our food safety system based on HACCP and international standards. Our premises are under specific temperature control regime this includes the production areas, as well as our warehouses for raw materials and storage units.

The very important point that cannot be emphasized enough is the fact that ‘’Hebar’’ has fully automated its production of frozen products. There are NO stages of production, that our operators have any direct contact with the produce, which minimizes significantly the risk of contamination of our products during the entire production cycle.

We aim daily to, innovate and continuously to improve.

Test and launch phases of new products on the market

A big part of our focus falls on the development of new products that correspond to the needs of our customers for organic and healthy products with authentic taste, which have a balanced nutritional value and help our clients to observe a healthy diet. Prior to the placement of new products on the market, they normally undergo a series of quality and safety inspection procedures, including analysis of their composition in accredited laboratories.

The quality and safety of our products is guaranteed through continuous control of the technological process, verification of production records and analysis of the finished products at certain intervals. Before placing any batch on the market, we will first have to declare it safe for consumption. Here the quality control team steps in by checking that the products form the specific LOT are in compliance with all above mentioned criteria.

Transport and packaging

The transport of deep-frozen products itself is a very important part of the entire process before the goods reach their final destination. In the case of frozen products, it is crucial that they are delivered to the customer at temperatures no higher than -18 °C. Any major deviations here mean that the entire production process and the quality of the product itself is put in jeopardy. That is why our suppliers and transport companies, as well as cold stores, are regularly audited to make sure they have the right systems and capabilities to keep the product at optimal temperatures.

Packaging plays a vital role in ensuring that our products reach consumers in a safely. It also carries clear information on how to bake and store the products, with complete information on the ingredients, as well as all the risks of allergens. With post-production control, we make sure that the dates with “best before”, “use before” are entered exactly so that our customers can clearly understand what is the shelf-life.