Purchase and sale of raw materials

Purchase of grain and cereals

“Hebаr” buys grain and cereals throughout most of Bulgaria.

“Hebar” SOJSC has its own storage bases in the country, with a capacity of tens of thousands of tons, which continues to expand.

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Sale of grain and flour

“Hebаr” is based in the city of Plovdiv and has been on the grain and crops market in Bulgaria for more than 30 years.

Part of the activities carried out by “Hebar” include the wholesale and retail sale of grain, bran, sunflower, corn and other types of crops intended for the production of food and animal feed. The company is active almost all year round in the buying and selling activity.

“Hebar” operates from its bases in the country, which are located in the regions of Plovdiv, Vratsa, Kaloyanovo and Gotse Delchev.

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